At BMG, we consider it a high priority to make your vehicle purchasing experience as stress-free as possible. This doesn’t end once you leave our car lot. We at Broadmoor Motors stand behind every car on our lot, and we are willing to back that up.

Each vehicle that leaves our lot is backed by our 30 Day or 3000-mile warranty. We as a dealership will cover 100% of the cost of parts and will pay 100% of the labor for the covered systems that fail during the warranty period.


  1. Engine: All internally lubricated parts, camshaft, and bearings, connecting rods and bearings, crankshaft and bearings, cylinder block, main bearings, distributor shaft, exhaust manifold, intake manifold, oil pump, oil pump gears, oil pump pick-up screen, pistons, piston rings, and wrist pins, timing chain and gears, timing belt, cylinder heads, exhaust valves, intake valves, valve springs, and retainers, push rods, rocker arms, and shafts, hydraulic and solid lifters.
  2. Seals & Gaskets: Cylinder head gaskets, intake manifold gaskets, all other seals and gaskets as a result of a covered repair only.
  3. Transmission:
    1. Automatic Transmission: All internally lubricated parts, case, torque converter, lock-up converter, gears and shafts, bearings, bushings, bands, friction and steel clutch plates, steel drums, pump, servo unit, valve body and plate, governor.
    2. Manual Transmission: All internally lubricated parts, case, bearings, bushings, gears and shafts, synchronizers, spacers, main drive gear, main shaft, shift forks, overdrive housing, synchronizer drums.
  4.  Fluids: Any fluids required as a result of a covered repair only.

If you think your new vehicle may have a pre-existing issue and it’s not listed above, please contact us. Our goal is to take all the stress out of your vehicle buying experience. We’d love to help you in any way possible.


If your vehicle does break down within the 30-day or 3,000-mile duration, it’s very important that you return the vehicle to Broadmoor Motor Sales Inc. or a repair facility designated by Broadmoor Motor Sales Inc. for repair WITHIN 30 DAYS. If the covered part is repaired at another location without Broadmoor Motor Sale Inc.’s express permission, this Limited Warranty becomes null and void.

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As a dealership, oftentimes, we are able to take trade-ins in order to help you get into your new vehicle. However, we aren’t always able to get these cars serviced and get a full mechanical run-through. These vehicles are then brought over to our “B”udget Lot. B Lot vehicles often have higher miles, body issues, existing mechanical issues, and are sold “AS-IS”. This doesn’t necessarily mean these vehicles should be avoided, it simply means they don’t qualify for our 30 Day Warranty. We always recommend a 3rd party inspection on these vehicles, as they often have existing issues.