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What’s Wrong With My Car?

We’ve all been there before. You’re driving along when suddenly you hear an unusual sound, feel something shaking  or worse yet, your vehicle won’t even start before you had a warning that something isn’t right. The first thought that runs through your mind is… what’s wrong with my car? It can be hard to tell […]

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April – Distracted Driving Awareness Month

As our phones and cars become ever-increasingly smarter and more capable of the myriad of tasks we ask of them, so grows our dependence on technology and the temptation to use it while we’re behind the wheel of a vehicle. And sadly, each year, more and more accidents and fatalities are attributed to distracted driving. […]

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The Importance of Good Tires on West Michigan Roads

With the absence of significant accumulating snowfall the last few months, you may have thought we had escaped the icy, cold grip of winter but this month, Mother Nature is ready to prove us all wrong. As she dials up the snow machine this February and the road conditions deteriorate, it’s time to remember once […]

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New Years Resolutions For Your Vehicle

  As the new year rolls around, people often feel inspired to make positive changes in their lives by creating new resolutions and ultimately, new long-lasting habits in the coming months. While oftentimes, they focus on their health, finances or home organization, they neglect to add new habits for one of the most significant financial […]

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Help Broadmoor Motors Pay It Local

  2020 has been a challenging year for many around the nation, in our state and in our greater Grand Rapids communities. While some businesses have seen a surge in demand during the stay at home orders and closures, many have struggled to survive without being able to operate in a business as usual fashion […]

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National Teen Driver Safety Week

Becoming a licensed driver is a rite of passage that most teens look forward to with eager anticipation for the independence having a drivers license brings, most parents understandably meet this milestone with some worry and trepidation. While parents look forward to watching their youngster gain the freedom of being able to get themselves to […]

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Tips For Buying A Great Commercial Vehicle

Having a commercial vehicle that runs properly day in and day out, while having confidence in its ability to keep you on the road and safe is critical for your company’s success.  Whether you’re considering buying your first commercial van, work truck or cargo van, or you’re planning on adding to your already existing commercial […]