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Tips For Buying A Great Commercial Vehicle

Having a commercial vehicle that runs properly day in and day out, while having confidence in its ability to keep you on the road and safe is critical for your company’s success.  Whether you’re considering buying your first commercial van, work truck or cargo van, or you’re planning on adding to your already existing commercial […]

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Should You Buy A Theft Recovered Vehicle?

When people discover a vehicle has been titled Theft Recovered, they often have questions on what that means for the vehicle they are considering and most importantly, they wonder… should you buy a theft recovered vehicle? Here, we’ll hit the most commonly asked questions so each individual can feel armed with facts versus rumors they’ve […]

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How Michigan Car Insurance Will Change In July

Michigan drivers have known for a long time that they pay the highest rates in the country for car insurance although they might not have understood exactly why. Recent legislative changes are now making cheaper rates possible for many drivers all over West Michigan but in order to know if you should take advantage of […]