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    Welcome to Broadmoor Motors Commercial Vehicle Sales.  We specialize in work vehicles of all styles, from used Cargo Vans for sale to Bucket Lifts.  These service vehicles have a lot of life still left in them at a great price, making your business more profitable and easier to expand.  Shop Online, then come in for a closer look and a test drive.

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    There are many options for financing used commercial vehicles.  We have local connections and the know-how to get your work vehicle financed at a great rate, and you can start the process before choosing your vehicle.

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    There are many reasons to buy a used box truck, cargo van, or work truck from us, but the number one reason is that we TRULY value our customers as more than just a sale –  we make it less about the vehicle and more about the customer.  This is reversed from the way that most of our industry does it. We think it’s simple, but not all other dealers follow suit. We believe that if we care for our customers first, the business will follow. Not the other way around. We know it to be true…our main source of attracting buyers is through repeat business. We often refer to a slogan that we all believe in:

    “We’ll help you buy a vehicle even if it’s not from us”

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    One-Stop-Shop for Work Vehicles

    We know that specializing in commercial vehicle sales creates a big advantage for our customers. We’re creating a ONE-STOP-SHOP for companies like yours looking for great work trucks and cargo vans for sale at huge discounts.


    We believe there is a huge need for commercial vehicles in our growing economy throughout West Michigan and beyond. We sell many of these used box trucks, cargo vans, and used work trucks to customers in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Detroit, Traverse City, and really all of Michigan and the surrounding states.


    We also service work vehicles at two of our locations. We have an alignment machine at our Middleville location, capable of handling very large vehicles. We employ a team of service techs certified to work on service trucks.


    We plan to expand this part of our business in the coming months and years.  Make sure to keep us bookmarked and whenever you need your next box truck, cargo van, or work truck,  come back and see what we’re up to.

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    Used Commercial Vehicles – OUR SPECIALTY!

    At Broadmoor Motors many things have happened over the years, but one thing remains constant throughout our 33-year history – we buy and sell service vehicles. We’ve been selling commercial vehicles, specifically cargo vans, since we opened in 1988. Ken Koning found a niche in buying good, used cargo vans, that could be cleaned up and repaired inexpensively, then selling to business customers, saving them thousands of dollars.

    Until recently, we had only scratched the surface on buying and selling commercial vehicles in high numbers. When we only had one location commercial vehicle sales accounted for about 25% of our sales. Sales fluctuated up and down but remained close to that number until about 2018.

    In 2017 we opened our third store in Wayland and were able to focus more on used work trucks and vans. We mainly sold traditional cargo vans but dabbled in service trucks and box trucks.  We began to stock more of these vehicles bringing our percentage of commercial vehicle sales up to about 40%.  This trend continued, then Covid-19 hit in March of 2020.

    Delivering The High Demand

    At the same time, Covid-19 struck, we were in the process of adding our fourth store in Middleville. Local auctions completely shut down but we were able to purchase inventory from online auctions. We invested heavily into commercial inventory during the shutdown and stocked our car lot with almost 100 commercial vehicles. Once the economy opened back up, we saw a huge demand for these types of vehicles, so we went for it!

    We previously sold around 30 to 40 vehicles a month – half of those being commercial vehicles. Since Covid, we sell 50-60 vehicles on a monthly average, with almost 45 being driven primarily for commercial use!

    Our Middleville lot looks quite different now – it’s loaded with white service trucks and vans ready to be put into service. We stock nearly 60 commercial vehicles ready for sale at any given time.

    We’ve learned that specializing in commercial vehicle sales creates a big advantage for our customers. Often one company buys multiple vehicles at a time. We’re working on creating a ONE-STOP-SHOP for companies looking for service vehicles at huge discounts. We plan to expand this part of our business in the coming months and years.



    • Avoid That New-Car Smell Trap – That new-car small is one of the most expensive “features” you can buy.  MORE INFO
    • Lower Insurance Rates – Typically insurance premiums are less on used older vehicles than a brand new work truck or van because of the actual value of that vehicle.
    • More Cash Flow – If you have a large fleet of vehicles and you can buy those for half of what brand new costs you are able to keep that extra cash working for you. You can invest in other areas aside from vehicles.
    • Lower Taxes  – It’s simple but true, you just pay less sales tax on a used vehicle.
    • Plate Tags Cost Less – Newer vehicles cost more to license.  Save more every year with an older model. 
    • General Maintenance The Same – Oil Changes, Washes, Fluids all cost about the same.
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    A look at how a New 2020 Cargo Van could depreciate in value over the course of five years:

    TimeLine Est. Depreciation Est. Retail Value (original $38,040)
    1st Minute After Purchase 10% $34,236
    1st Year After Purchase 19% ($7,227) $30,812
    2nd Year After Purchase 31% ($11,792) $26,247
    3rd Year After Purchase 42% ($15,976) $22,063
    4th Year After Purchase 51% ($19,400) $18,639
    5th Year After Purchase 60% ($22,824) $15,216
    Trade-In Value After 5 Years 68% $12,172

    The Trade-in Value price is where BMG typically acquires the vehicle. More often than not, these vehicles run for a very long time. It’s not uncommon to see commercial vehicles reach 300,000+ miles.

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