Broadmoor Motors Believes…

    • We have a larger purpose than simply selling vehicles.

      We believe very strongly in serving the communities that we reside in.

    • We don’t limit ourselves in our service.

      We have a very open policy about bringing needs to our attention and exploring ways in which we can help.

    • Our hearts go out to those that cannot help themselves

      We are extremely blessed and we strive to bless others in return.

    Communities We Support

    Being a Good Neighbor in Business

    We also strive for awareness in our communities regarding unfair and manipulative car sales practices.

    Just like any business there are people that do this the wrong way.

    It’s our hope that people in our community have an option to purchase a vehicle without feeling like they have been deceived.

    We’ve gone as far as creating a slogan that states, “Helping you buy a car even if it’s not from us!” 

    We understand that we’re not going to be able to provide a vehicle to everyone but we are driven toward transparency in the buying process.

    This should be clearly expressed if you’ve ever talked to any of our sales people.

    We do not work on commission and will put ourselves in the customers’ shoes during the sales process.