The holidays bring parties and family get togethers but for millions of people, it can also mean traveling during one of the busiest times in the year.  In 2015, AAA estimated a record breaking 100 million during the year’s holiday season.  And if that number doesn’t blow you away, consider that is equivalent to the population of California, Texas, Florida and New York combined!!

Regardless if you are planning on flying or driving this Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years to be with the ones you love, chances are you’re going to come across a lot of others doing the same.   Don’t let all the hussle and bussle of the crowds drag you down and turn you into the Grinch.  Before you set off for over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house this year, take a look at our Holiday Travel Tips and learn how to avoid the most common travel woes.


Plan Ahead

Having a well drawn out game plan before you set off on your travels will save you from needless stress and worry in a time that can already be stressful enough.  Avoid procrastination and start fine tuning your holiday travel plans well in advance in order to save both money and time.  With limited dates available to travel, it can be hard to decide if you will be flying or driving to your destination.  Simplify the process by considering these factors and asking yourself these questions…


  • How far you need to go – Is your destination across the country or is it a couple of hours away?
  • How many people are going – Are you taking the whole family or is it just you?
  • Your budget ~ Can I afford airline tickets at the premium price they come at during the holidays?
  • Your vehicle’s road trip readiness – Can your car handle a longer trip or will you need to rent a car to get there?
  • What needs to go with you – Will you be needing a lot of added clothing while you’re away or will you be taking many gifts with you?


Ready For a Roadtrip?

If you decide that driving makes more sense for you, make sure you have your route plotted before you leave.  While modern technology offers us the ability to use GPS while driving, if there is a glitch or you somehow lose your GPS you could easily end up completely lost and frustrated.  Having a general idea of the route you’ll be driving not only helps save you that anguish but it can give you a heads up on possible tolls along the way or convenient places to stop for food, gas or lodging if necessary.  Be sure to pack snacks and drinks for the drive to avoid unneeded and time consuming stops at gas stations and restaurants, packing a cooler if possible with sandwiches, fruit and water so they are more refreshing.  If traveling with children, bring items to keep them entertained while they are confined inside the car.  Games, movies, puzzles and even playdoh are easy to pack and can keep their attention focused on fun and not on asking you… “are we there yet?”


Decided you’d rather fly instead?

Rather take flight than feel the open road?  Then planning just became even more imperative for a stress free time.  Start looking for flights well in advance to get the best deal, checking multiple websites and search engines to yield the best deals available.  Also, try following airlines you frequent often or could use to travel during the holidays on social media in the months ahead and request to receive their emails for exclusive deals and flash sales that might pop up for a limited time or not open to the public.  Plan on long lines to check bags and go through security, and give yourself extra time to deal with the throngs of people who will also be traveling with you.  Check in online beforehand, printing your tickets at home or saving on your smartphone or use a Self Check In Kiosk to print your boarding tickets to avoid standing in any more lines than necessary.

In addition to all of that, you’ll want to choose wisely in what you pack.  Ship extra items, gifts or bags ahead of time to avoid costly luggage fees.  If you plan on having a carry on, double check what the airlines policies are on items you may be bringin inside it like liquids, food, or electronics.  Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off while walking through security, and avoid wearing anything metal that will set off the metal detector and stall your progress.  Last but certainly never the least, remember to pack some entertainment for yourself and for your children, taking into consideration that travel delays are common during the holidays due to weather and mechanical issues.  If your entertainment involves electronics, keep chargers handy and have a back up in mind like a book or other game to avoid boredom.


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