new years resolutions for your vehicle


As the new year rolls around, people often feel inspired to make positive changes in their lives by creating new resolutions and ultimately, new long-lasting habits in the coming months. While oftentimes, they focus on their health, finances or home organization, they neglect to add new habits for one of the most significant financial purchases in their lifetime… their vehicle. But for those who would like to extend the life and enjoyment of their car, we recommend adding these new years resolutions for your vehicle.


Stop Neglecting Vehicle Maintenence

In the busy humdrum of life, it’s not hard to forget how important it is to commit to regular maintenance of your vehicle but a little bit of prevention can go a long way to ensure your car, van or truck runs better and lasts longer. The most important maintenance items to remember are oil and air filter changes, tires and brakes.

Regular oil changes are not only recommended, but they are also critical to keeping your vehicle running well. Dirty oil simply cannot lubricate your vehicle’s engine the way that clean oil can due to the sludge and dirt that builds up. Getting regular oil changes can prevent your engine from being damaged by dirty oil. Likewise, changing your vehicle’s air filter will also extend the life of your vehicle’s engine because it is designed to trap debris that could harm the internal mechanisms of the vehicle. Both brakes and tires are integral safety features of your vehicle that help you stop safely and each wears down over time and with use. Brake pads typically have a life expectancy of 30,000-35,000 miles but how you drive can greatly affect that longevity. Tires are subject to wear and tear as well, and while each manufacturer has an average mileage they can last, it’s important to inspect them regularly for signs of cracking and tread depth.


No More Distracted Driving

The leading cause of car accidents in the USA has sadly become distracted driving. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving accounts for 1000 injuries and 9 fatalities each and every day. Make this the year that you just say no to anything that could distract you while you’re behind the wheel. These distractions can include using a smartphone to text, selecting music, beginning your GPS, talking on your phone, eating, drinking, or using your infotainment center in your dashboard.  Make 2021 the year you resolve to keep your attention and focus on the road at all times.


Keep It Clean

A clean vehicle not only makes it more comfortable, but it can also increase the resale value when you eventually go to sell it. Start by removing everything from your vehicle and decide what should stay and what should go. Next, give the inside and outside a deep cleaning by vacuuming out the interior and giving the outside a good scrubbing. Items you’ve decided to keep should find a home to be stored safely and securely. For some, that could mean adding a basket or container to ensure items aren’t rolling around freely. Lastly, commit to removing trash and mugs daily to keep your vehicle from getting cluttered again.


Pay It Off

While some do purchase a vehicle outright with cash, the majority of car owners utilize financing when buying a vehicle. A lengthy car loan can mean shelling out hundreds or even thousands more in interest depending on the length of the loan but paying it off sooner puts that money back in your pocket. Utilizing biweekly payments is an easy way to add an extra payment annually without feeling a financial pinch during the process. Adding any extra dollars to your regular payment can expedite the process as well. When you consider that even an extra twenty dollars added to your monthly payments results in $300 extra paid annually, it’s not hard to see how that can snowball each year into payments saved on the backend and something your future self will thank you for greatly.



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