Not everything you see or read (especially on the internet) should be believed, including rules of the road and how to take care of your vehicle. Today, we’re debunking Top Driving Myths that you may unknowingly be following…


You Only Need Your Headlights At Night

Many people consider headlights to be a tool strictly for their own benefit behind the wheel but the truth is they are actually there for the benefit of everyone on the road.  Not only do they help to make the road more visible to the driver of the vehicle they are being used, but they also help the vehicle increase its visibility to other drivers on the road.  In fact, some states such as Michigan, have made it a law that drivers must use their headlights during inclement weather in order to increase their visibility and help prevent an accident from occurring.


Oil Needs To Be Changed Every 3,000

Regular oil changes are important to maintain proper lubrication in your vehicle’s engine but having oil changes completed too often can be an unnecessary expense.  While most dealerships strongly encourage people to have their oil changed every 3,000 miles, experts have agreed it simply isn’t needed that frequently.


Engines Need To Be Warmed Up

Back in the day, carburetors did need to be warmed up in order to mix the right ration of air and fuel for the vehicle to perform at its best and not stall out but this helpful tip has long been past its prime.  Today’s modern engines no longer utilize a carburetor and instead rely on fuel injectors to supply the correct ratio of fuel and air while driving.  This makes the need to “warm up” your car no longer necessary and honestly, just a waste of fuel as well as a negative to the environment.


Red Cars Are More Expensive To Insure

In a recent study done by Progressive Insurance, 29% of people asked believed that owning a red vehicle would result in higher insurance premiums but the truth is the color of your vehicle is not one of the many factors that play into your insurance premium’s expense. While every company has their own algorithms they use to decide what your premium will be, it’s seemingly universal that the color of the vehicle is not one of the key factors.


Premium Gas Should Be Used Periodically

No matter what you might have heard, using a higher octane fuel in your vehicle’s gas tank than what is recommended will not actually help clean out your fuel injector or other parts of your fuel system.  Today’s fuel typically has the same additives needed to help your engine perform at its best but even if you’re buying cheaper fuel, it should not be a problem to your vehicle’s modern fuel injection system.


Fueling In The Morning Is Better

It’s been said time and time again that to get more gas for your dollar, you should get gas when it’s coolest.  It stands to reason that since gas is a liquid and measured in volume, it’s accuracy is affected by how much it expands (warmer weather) or contracts (cooler weather).  Much debate has been had on this topic, including legislators!  The finding?  Gas stations typically store their fuel in underground tanks, where the temperature variation during the day is much less than in the air above. The result is that the temperature of the gasoline coming out of the fuel nozzle varies very little, if at all, during any 24-hour stretch at any particular station.


Hands-Free Devices Are Safer

Many people (80% to be exact) believe that hands-free talking, texting or navigating are safer but this couldn’t be further than from the truth.  The reality is, talk to text can surprisingly be more distracting than by texting by hand! In over 30 studies, it has been proven time after time that the brain remains distracted despite the hands now being free.  Additionally, 53% of people of U.S. driver’s believe that hands-free units and infotainment centers in dashboards must be safer if they are built into current vehicles.  This myth has propagated a larger problem where drivers feel overconfident using these in-vehicle systems when they should instead be limiting their usage.



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