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      Broadmoor Motors in Middleville offers a wide selection of pre-owned Wheelchair Vans, Minivans, SUVs, and other wheelchair accessible vehicles to suit your mobility needs.  These vehicles come in many sizes with a variety of customizations, so if you’re looking for a reliable, well-priced vehicle that meets your needs; start by shopping online, then come in for a closer look and a test drive of all the features.

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      Need Help Financing?

      There are many options for financing vehicles.  We have local connections and the know-how to get your work vehicle financed at a great rate, and you can start the process before choosing your vehicle.

      Why Buy From Broadmoor?

      There are many reasons to buy a wheelchair van, minivan, SUV or people-mover from us, but the number one reason is that we TRULY value our customers as more than just a sale –  we make it less about the vehicle and more about the customer.  We believe that if we care for our customers first, the business will follow. Not the other way around. We know it to be true…our main source of attracting buyers is through repeat business. We often refer to a slogan that we all believe in:

      “We’ll help you buy a vehicle even if it’s not from us”

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      One-Stop-Shop for Handicap Vehicles

      We understand specializing in vehicle sales creates a big advantage for our customers. We’re creating a ONE-STOP-SHOP for families looking for used handicap vans at greatly reduced prices.


      We believe there is a huge need for quality vans to support our growing population here in West Michigan and beyond. We sell many of these wheelchair vans, SUVs, and cars to customers in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Detroit, Traverse City, and really all of Michigan and the surrounding states.


      We also service wheelchair vans and SUVs that are purchased from Broadmoor Motors Middleville.  We employ a team of service techs certified to work on a various range of vehicles.


      We plan to expand this part of our business in the coming months and years.  Make sure to keep us bookmarked and whenever you need your next vehicle, come back and see what we’re up to.

      Common Questions When Buying a Handicap Vehicle


      No. The conversion of a van, truck, or SUV into a wheelchair-accessible vehicle does not change the typical warranty. That being said, there may be some vehicles in our inventory that are out of warranty due to age, mileage, or extreme modifications.  For these vehicles, we have warranty options available (for engine, transmission, mobility packages, etc.) which you can learn more about here .


      Medicare Part B is the section of Medicare that might cover a used wheelchair van, but only because it provides coverage of some durable medical equipment (DME). Unfortunately, however, this is not typically an expense that is covered by Medicare. To learn more about your question visit Medicare.gov website for current information and coverage.


      We understand purchasing a wheelchair van can be expensive.  Helping families afford workable transportation was one of our main purposes for selling handicap vehicles. Finding funding for these purchases can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look. Our mobility specialists here at Broadmoor are knowledgeable about funding options and can help connect you with local credit unions and banks that are also uniquely positioned to help.


      You should select the wheelchair van that best suits your unique mobility needs, here are some considerations –

      It’s easier to pick up or drop off a passenger in a wheelchair curbside with a side-entry wheelchair van. If the van has a ramp for exit and entry, an accessible parking space is ideal to accommodate the extra width needed to enter and exit the wheelchair van. Side-entry handicap vans typically have seats that can be removed as needed. Side-entry vans allow the wheelchair user to have more options, they can ride as a passenger or drive. Side-entry wheelchair vehicles are a good choice for wheelchair users who want to be in the driver’s seat.

      Rear-Entry: Rear entry wheelchair vans feature a lowered area in the rear to accommodate the wheelchair and a foldout ramp. The middle seats can remain unmodified and allow for seating for other passengers. Rear-entry wheelchair vans are typically less expensive than side-entry wheelchair vans. With a rear-entry wheelchair van, the option to drive from your wheelchair does not exist. Parking on a hill is more challenging, as is parallel parking since you need extra room in the rear for the wheelchair user to be able to enter and exit the vehicle.


      Yes, we have helped customers work with some programs in the past and will continue to do so.

      What People Are Saying



      There are several very good reasons for buying USED vs NEW when selecting a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.  For starters, there is a better ROI and lower depreciation costs over 5 years.  The other main reason is the higher purchase price of a new vehicle, especially when you consider that handicap vans are typically inflated to begin with.

      The reason for this inflated cost of NEW vehicles is typically due to the following:
      1) Insurance companies buy the handicap accessible vehicles and usually aren’t concerned with price
      2) Dealers that sell NEW vehicles don’t sell a high volume and therefore they need to make more profit per vehicle
      3) Limited competition means higher prices

      At Broadmoor Motors, we choose to be fair no matter what.  Our goal is to change the way people buy vehicles and that includes handicap-accessible vans.


      A look at how a New 2020 Van could depreciate in value over the course of five years:

      TimeLine Est. Depreciation Est. Retail Value (original $38,040)
      1st Minute After Purchase 10% $34,236
      1st Year After Purchase 19% ($7,227) $30,812
      2nd Year After Purchase 31% ($11,792) $26,247
      3rd Year After Purchase 42% ($15,976) $22,063
      4th Year After Purchase 51% ($19,400) $18,639
      5th Year After Purchase 60% ($22,824) $15,216
      Trade-In Value After 5 Years 68% $12,172

      The Trade-in Value price is where BMG typically acquires the vehicle. More often than not, these vehicles run for a very long time. 

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