• About Us

Our Story

At Broadmoor Motors, we feel like we have a much bigger purpose than simply selling vehicles. We know that by serving people first we can seek to meet their needs even if it doesn’t end up with a purchase. We don’t sell perfect cars and we aren’t perfect people but we strive to do the best we can with our coworkers, customers, vendors and the community. We believe that when we’re in a position to help we have a responsibility to do so. Most importantly, these cannot just be words on a page, we must take action and have fun doing it!

In 1953, our grandpa Henry Koning began buying and selling cars in his neighborhood near Wealthy and Diamond Ave in Grand Rapids, MI. Later he opened Koning Auto Sales on Wealthy St. His son (our dad) Ken began detailing cars at a young age and fell in love with the business. In 1987 after working for years in the Grand Rapids area Ken moved his business out into Caledonia and Broadmoor Motor Sales, Inc. was born.

Years later his sons, Brad and I (Matt) began working full time for the dealership. I jumped right into sales and Brad took over the service side of the business. We soon realized there were many different ways to run a dealership and decided to take the same line my grandpa and dad took, helping people discover that buying cars didn’t have to be a game. Buying a vehicle is a huge decision and simplifying it has been our goal since we started. Tricks and games almost seemed to be a standard practice in this business and it’s our belief that doing good needs to be our foundation, not an afterthought. We believe this starts with our coworkers and moves outward. It’s our mission to prove that no matter what service we provide we will put people first. It’s not a choice for us, treating people right is the only way to do business. In 2012, we opened Broadmoor Motors Hastings, and in 2017 we opened our Wayland location. We believe that our company can continue to grow while empowering each other to serve a much larger purpose than ourselves.

Our Mission

To simplify the car buying experience through transparency, pressure-free communication, and a will to empower each customer to make a confident decision.  As a result, we strive to gain life-long loyalty from our employees, customers, vendors and community.

Our Vision

To serve our community to the best of our abilities.